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Alice G Wonderuke

Artist Profile

Australian Alice G Wonderuke is a Brazilian born singer songwriter that recently released two new separate singles: "Alice and the Centipede", and "The Love Rum".

Born in 1983, Alice was involved in a car accident in August 2016 and throughout her recovery she picked up her first Ukulele, a Kala Makala Waterman Soprano Ukulele... in pale yellow (and learned to consider Ukuleles  "the instrument of life and love").

By the end of the following year, Alice wrote her first song in homenage to her newly born niece, Olivia. The song "All I Can Ask" was recorded at Peregrino Music Studio and released in the Album 2020 by Novell, a music project/duo between Alice's brother, Musician and Producer Dandan Gallagher, and Guitarrist Lucas Bandeira. On top of releasing the song's original siblings duet, Novell also released "All I Can Ask" as an orchestraded bonus track in a colaborative work with muscian Izael Castro.


Alice has already acquired her third (and favorite Ukulele so far), a Concert Spalted Maple Bondi Ukulele which came to steal the second one... an Electric Solid Mahogany Concert Lanikai that will always have it's spot under the sun.

In February 2020, Alice recorded the two tracks above in the artist's hometown of Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, with Producer Adriano Aquino, Guitarrist Pedro Cassini and Mixing Engineer Pedro Peixoto at the renowned Medisen Studios.

Alice G Wonderuke is an artist singing the angst of the heart and is already composing again... stay tuned!